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Kroc N Dial Leathers was founded out of a creative burst of energy and passion shared by two sisters, Karlee and Kristi. The Company was born in the Fall of 2011 after Karlee returned home to Canada from a long excursion traveling the world. Inspired by what various cultures had taught her, she shared her fashion secrets with her sister Kristi and together the two decided to join forces in a business venture creating stylish, one-of-a-kind, handmade leather watches. As with most small Canadian businesses, Kroc N Dial was born in the basement of the sisters homes in Leduc, Alberta and Invermere, BC. With the love and support of the fellow Canadian shoppers, Kroc N Dial has continued to grow year after year and is now a booming little business. The Company now boasts a wide variety of cuff and triple wrap leather watches for the ladies and a great selection of rugged and classic cuffs for Men. Kroc N Dial watches are all truly handmade in Canada by the sisters themselves, created with 100% leather and a custom insignia Kroc N Dial face. Each band is custom made and is entirely one-of-a-kind – no two watches will ever be the same and customers love it this way. In a competitive world where technology has replaced the way people look at watches, the road to growing a successful watch business has not been without challenges nor obstacles however, this dynamic duo refuses to let go of the need to watch the time and take a moment to remember that technology has its place but, fashion will forever exist.