Upcoming Shows

Yay! we have been getting our acceptance letters for our winter shows in October and November!  So far, we will be in Red Deer, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto.  Busy busy busy!  We are just ramping up to get a whole whack of watches made … Our summer is chalk full of busyness and I'm having a baby end of August so we unfortunately won't be doing any summer markets…but October is just around the corner! Stay tuned to see new and exciting things :)

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Check out our Clearance watches!

Just because we made these watches a while ago, doesn't take away from the quality of construction and beauty of the leathers!  If you have questions, just shoot us an email at

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No, we haven't gone out of business….

We have been getting comments lately that our website looks as though we have gone out of business… well, Im here to say that no, we have not gone out of business, in fact we are busier than ever and just really suck at updating our website!  So, what have you missed you ask?  We were approached by a sales rep after we went to the One Of A Kind Show in Toronto in November and have since joined forces to bring our watches to the wholesale world.  We are now featured in at least 22 stores nationwide (granted they are mostly in Eastern Canada) 


As a result, we have also added sizing to the watches.  We have the Small, Medium and Large sizes which fit wrist sizes from 5-8".  This way rather than having to add snaps for various wrist sizes… its already done! 


We are also in the process of changing watch face manufacturers.  Our previous faces have been having some trouble with quality issues and even though we offer a one year warranty, it is a hassle for everyone to ship watches back and forth.  We are super excited about the new manufacturer and the quality of the new faces! 


And, last but certainly not least, we will be at the Make it! show in St. Albert at the Enjoy Centre from April 11-13.  Come visit us and see some of our SWEET new watches made of our SWEET new leathers!!!  Whoop Whoop! 

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Winter Shows

We are preparing for some awesome craft shows this winter.  We were accepted into the One Of A Kind Christmas show in Toronto that we are so excited about, as well as the (always amazing) Make It! show in Edmonton!!!  Our order of faces is being shipped this week and once all 1000+ of them arrive we have a massive amount of watch bands to outfit :)  With this much inventory we have an amazing number of narrow, medium, and wide widths, female, male and unisex colour schemes as well as an awesome variety of triple wraps!  The website has clearly been neglected and I have to apologize in advance that that is unlikely to change for a bit...  (does anyone want a job?)  Anyway, once the faces arrive I will put some of our new styles up that we are crazy excited about!  Until then ... ciao!

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Our New Faces

These are our new collection of watch faces!  We are super stoked to have our first "Men's" face (although they all can be considered pretty unisex).  We now have an awesome circular face that is super easy to read and is just over 4 cm wide as well as a new selection of colours in our standard face but in a medium width of 3.5 cm.  They all sport our awesome logo, Japan movement batteries, and pins for easy removal on our crazy fabulous watch bands!




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